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Performance HydroBlasting has specialized in cleaning runways and roadways wherever needed from our base operations in Ohio since 2006. Using a unique system of high pressure water, Performance Hydroblasting's mobile equipment assures a safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient way to clean:


   Road Marking Removal

   Runway Marking Removal

   Runway Rubber Removal

   Surface Preparation

   Curing Compound Removal


We are able to provide all these services with our fleet of Stripe Hogs Systems and team of highly-trained staff.  


The Stripe Hog #174 quickly and completely removes all types of durable traffic markings, curing compound, and runway rubber from asphalt and concrete applications without damaging the surface. The Stripe Hog #174 does its work using 40,000 psi water jets and a powerful vacuum recovery system that leaves the surface clean and almost dry.


We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we may serve you.


Jeff Crocker

Vice President

Line of Business

Highway construction

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