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Our Story

  • Founded in 1963 by current Chairman & CEO Mr. Christopher I. Page and Mr. Edward F. Crawford.
  • First pail line built and installed by Mr. Page in original factory in Cleveland.
  • 1969 – Purchase of Globe Steel Barrel in Cleveland to enter the steel drum business.
  • Steel pail operations moved to larger Cleveland plant.
  • 1970 – Open steel pail plant in Quakertown, PA.
  • 1973 – Purchase Republic Steel Container Division in Niles, OH.
  • Early 1970’s – Open plastic pail plants in Cleveland and Los Angeles; new steel pail plant in Omaha.
  • Late 1970’s – Economic conditions forced restructuring. Steel pail plant in Cleveland closed and moved to Niles. Niles drum line sold. Omaha and LA plants closed.
  • 1980’s – Era of maturity and stability with steel pails at Quakertown, Niles and plastic pails at Cleveland; North Pak founded in 1987.
  • 1992 – Build Streetsboro, Ohio Technical Center with room for future manufacturing operations.
  • 1993 – Trade Cleveland plastic pail plant for Bennett Industries’ steel pail plant in Peotone, Illinois. New pail line built and installed within first year.
  • 1996 – Open metal stamping plant in Streetsboro, Ohio.
  • 1997 – Niles pail plant reopens after 1995 strike.
  • 2001 – Acquire Carando Machine Works’ steel pail division.
  • 2002 – Acquire Norton Packaging’s steel pail business in Oakland, CA.
  • 2008 – Cleveland Steel Container completes an acquisition of Southline Metal Products steel pail division
  • 2008 – Cleveland Steel Container completes an acquisition of Greif’s steel pail division.
  • 2009 – Cleveland Steel Container closes Oakland, CA plant due to the economy and the West coast market.
  • 2009 – Cleveland Steel Container opens our Kilgore, TX plant in December.
  • 2011 – Implements Triplex Technology at all pail plants.
  • 2013 – Cleveland Steel Container Celebrates 50 Years in Business.
  • 2014 – After 50 plus years of ownership by Christopher I. Page creates an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) Company. This guarantees that we will never be sold or “flipped” to another entity

Welcome to Cleveland Steel Container Corporation

We started Cleveland Steel Container over 50 years ago and it’s been a long journey. The key to our success has been, and will continue to be, listening to our customers and responding   to their changing needs, coupled with keeping our entire re-investment focus on steel pails only. This focus is keenly understood by our employees and is articulated in our Mission Statement. We work continuously to improve our customers’ competitive positions in a changing marketplace. As our business grows, so do our innovations. Today because of the stability that multiple manufacturing plants offer, our customers are buying more than just a steel container – they are buying the full resources and proven track record of a reliable packaging solutions provider.

Every day, we focus on three key areas that are of the utmost concern to our customers.     Quality is the number one objective at Cleveland Steel. By combining our own innovations with feedback from our customers, we’re able to continuously improve our operating systems and meet the most stringent worldwide standards.

Service never takes second place at Cleveland Steel. We’ve built our reputation and  our business by reliably delivering what our customers want, when and where they want it, allowing them to focus on the success of their own businesses.

Value is what happens when quality and service come together to deliver long-term solutions that go beyond individual sales. We strive to learn about our customer’s businesses and match our capabilities in a cost effective way. We’ve laid a few eggs along the way, but learned a lot and gained a lot of practical field experience too. Our teachers have been our customers – that’s why we continue to listen to them every day.

P.S. “We make good pails and deliver them on time.”   

Line of Business

Manufacturing Steel containers.

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